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Seriously, dumpster diving is a lot of fun. You get to apply all sorts of body skills that don't come in handy all that often, there's the thrill of the hunt, the chance of doing good work and getting filthy (come on, you miss that in today's world, right?), the recycling, the imagining other people's lives...

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Portland stuff: those of you who will be in Portland either of the the last two weekends in September, I've come across something that oddly fascinates me: An Opera based on "Too Much Coffee Man." Click that, and look at the pudgy fellow with espresso for a head. Does that not intrigue you? Will you perhaps watch this opera and report back?

Oakland stuff: does anyone want to help me plant free daffodils in medians? The City of Oakland/Home Depot collaboration to hand out free daffodil bulbs to anyone who will plant them in public spaces continues this year. Bulbs to be passed out Saturday October 21. I have a shovel, and the median in front of the old folks tower near me is lonely.

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On Nancy Nadel's website (where I went to put in a good word for a potential 42-story condo in the park 5 blocks away) (which site, BTW, I had to park in front of last Sunday evening, because there was after 20 minutes of circling no closer spot that didn't require moving the car at 8 AM) (Grrr) I find that next Friday is to be Oakland's annual "CarFree Day". I'll be in Seattle, so hey, no car moving from me...

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