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I'm curious if there's some potential roommates at ACUS, for Thurs-Mon, floating around... I have a line in on a group of 5 that was willing to fit in one room, but with 6 would mitose into two, and so it seems worthwhile to see if I can spare them that. I have a pretty small stuff footprint and I don't snore and I find the couch a comfy sleeping place.
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An email just went out that ACUS game submissions were due at the end of the week and my thoughts were, "Wait, what, really? You're high." Seems a bit soon after registration opened at all, eh? But oy, I suppose I should put some serious thought into that, since I'm quite likely going.

What do you guys want? Something Firefly? I have an idea that I'd like to run an incredibly depressing game about being part of the failed army of Chaos during the occupation of Thelbane, probably using "Don't Rest Your Head" which already has the axises of Honor vs Fatigue... After ACNW I decided that I should do more "build characters at the start of the slot" games, so maybe another go at the Pit of Vipers auction? With the Volatile uppity steampunk Rebma setting? Eh.

I'm open to broad suggestions a la "I would like to play more two-fisted stuff! I would like stuff with the Elders as antagonists!"

In other gaming/Amber news, Fred Hicks still wants the license to make the RPG. I'm ambivalent. Would it be better to have a well-marketed, potentially inelegant, diced, version of Amber that was a complete break from everything that has happened for the past 20 years? Or would the current wheezing critical illness of the entire sub-subculture be better?

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ETA: (Copied over from my Facebook) Have another $20 to give to Doctors Without Borders's Haiti efforts? Want a crapton of gaming PDFs with some really good stuff thrown in--like the Serenity RPG? Drivethrurpg has a donation bundle available until Jan. 31. They've raised $120K with it so far.
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O my ACUS peeps who grow ever nearer to me in time, I have a few questions to get sorted, namely, where shall I sleep, what game shall I run, and what was that third song about getting high that I have forgotten?

For the first, anyone need a roommate? I am nonsnoring and I believe I have a relatively small footprint in terms of stuff scattered about. I'd love to share a room at US with a couple-three people to cut costs.

For the second, here are some thoughts: )

For the third, it will be the Dudesical on Sunday evening. Last Dude I mentioned to [livejournal.com profile] corwin77 that I'd thought of four songs that would be perfect for a potential Dude soundtrack, but I could only remember three, and I'd forgotten the one that wasn't about getting high. Now I've remembered the not-necessarily-high song: Jonathon Coulton's "Mr. Fancy Pants". PANTS! And of course the other songs are "Smoke Two Joints" and "Because I Got High" (my version is by Afroman, is that the original?)... Ah! Is the last Ringo's "No No Song"? I dunno, I'm not sure even a former Beatle can join the elevated ranks of the three songs I've already listed.
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ACUS! That was seriously fucking entertaining from start to finish. Making a note here, huge success. I would actually recommend it to people as distant as here in California. A large part of the fun is discussing your games and characters with other people at the con... You see everyone all the time, eat with random people because most anyone with a con nametag is going to be smart and entertaining, and thus get the fun from several different perspectives. The base assumption here, that the games are generally fun, is nearly a theorem. And yet for all the people you chat with, there are still people to meet years later: frex, this year I finally got to game in person with RF and the Kunkels; and I met totally random new people who had even so been going to the con forever, like Barbara B; and brand new people like the younger David McC.

Con changes and hotel stuff )

My trip out )

Bay Arean in the Midwest: alas for the salad )

Slot one, Thursday night, ShadowWorld )

Friday and onwards later.
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I just figured out that on Thursday to get to the con I have to get up at 4 in the morning. To ride a bus! To ride another bus! To ride a plane, which is Southwest leaving out of Oakland, which has a friendly coffee stand, so that's not so bad. Until they dump me at Midway!!! And then I ride another plane to Detroit!! Still on Southwest, but even so, I might be a bit peeved. And then a taxi! Which at least will be with [livejournal.com profile] notshakespeare.

Then, with any kind of luck, I take a nap! Oy. But all of this is with about 1-hour layovers, and there's no quicker way to fly. So, woe.

But it's not all that woeful, since then I get to be surrounded by awesome people and play awesome games for four days.

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