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An email just went out that ACUS game submissions were due at the end of the week and my thoughts were, "Wait, what, really? You're high." Seems a bit soon after registration opened at all, eh? But oy, I suppose I should put some serious thought into that, since I'm quite likely going.

What do you guys want? Something Firefly? I have an idea that I'd like to run an incredibly depressing game about being part of the failed army of Chaos during the occupation of Thelbane, probably using "Don't Rest Your Head" which already has the axises of Honor vs Fatigue... After ACNW I decided that I should do more "build characters at the start of the slot" games, so maybe another go at the Pit of Vipers auction? With the Volatile uppity steampunk Rebma setting? Eh.

I'm open to broad suggestions a la "I would like to play more two-fisted stuff! I would like stuff with the Elders as antagonists!"

In other gaming/Amber news, Fred Hicks still wants the license to make the RPG. I'm ambivalent. Would it be better to have a well-marketed, potentially inelegant, diced, version of Amber that was a complete break from everything that has happened for the past 20 years? Or would the current wheezing critical illness of the entire sub-subculture be better?

In personal Amber/gaming news, Mike's campaign of early iron-age Amber continues; I'm playing a reluctant king of a tiny bit of the land in Am Baer... Thomas isn't clinically depressed, but he is pretty much sad all the time. Not that he doesn't have reason, in that he's quite lonely and some of the only people he is friends with are running a war of naked aggression to set up one of them, Oberon, as king over all the rest of Am Baer.

My campaign of Werewolf Rockstars came to a reasonably satisfying ending last Saturday... I ran out of energy to fight with the damn system and get everything organized at pretty much the same time half the PCs decided that defense of NASA was the hill they would die on. I mean, it's not like there's an Apollo program these days! NASA could legitimately be viewed as a boondoggle... ;)

[personal profile] cyrano's campaign of Deadlands had a first session where the black guy and the Chinese guy ended up half naked, so that was amusing... Poor Gan Zhi-Hua had to burn 1. his hat 2. his jacket and 3. his shirt to keep the swarms of tiny shadowcrabs away from them all after they had been somehow transported deep into a mine. And Deke, [livejournal.com profile] tavella's character, lost his shirt, hat, and duster to a successful attempt to save [livejournal.com profile] tersa's character from falling into a crevasse.

ETA: (Copied over from my Facebook) Have another $20 to give to Doctors Without Borders's Haiti efforts? Want a crapton of gaming PDFs with some really good stuff thrown in--like the Serenity RPG? Drivethrurpg has a donation bundle available until Jan. 31. They've raised $120K with it so far.
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