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I never got around to posting up what games I'll be in, and now as I consider figuring out what clothes to bring, seems like a decent time... Oh, and right now I'm going to pause to put my swimsuit in my bag, and I advise you do the same.

I'm getting in to Portland late evening Tuesday, staying at the Edgefield the whole time. (Anything happening there? Looks like nothing of fantastic interest... Though "The Time Traveller's Wife" looks possibly worth seeing.) Wednesday evening I'll be doing the Korean Restaurant Dinner, and aside from that I'm free, though I have a cousin who lives in Portland and perhaps could meet for lunch. Thursday, again free until the evening reception.

Thursday evening I'll be running (along with Mike S) "Sign of the Unicorn and Zombies", which has a full complement of 9 elder PCs.

Friday morning I'll be running "Get Shao-Ji" which has interesting players who have created interesting characters.

Friday afternoon I'll be playing in "The Hooded Men" by [personal profile] evilmagnus. The guy who wrote the system will be playing in the game... Other games I have played in with the author of the game, a short list: Creeks and Crawdads. And the C&C game kicked ass, so, good sign. Other fucking awesome players in the game also. I had also been tempted by Jules's other game, a "you are a spark escaping Durance Vile" Heterodyne-verse game, and now I am tempted to do such a character in this... "They call me mad, a witch! I ask you, is it madness to direct lightning to try to enrich the soil we work with?! ...And I have no idea what happened to those cows."

Friday evening is "Crimson Dawn II" by [profile] muri_san. I'm playing another outlaw here; sort of a Huck Finn analogue. Ish.

Saturday day is "Dreadwood" by Drew W. Pregen characters, all I know is that I'm going to be a Chinese railway worker/handywoman... Perhaps she's in drag as a guy?

Saturday evening is "Aurellis" by Tim H, in which our heroine, Jade Fang, applied feng shui practicioner/mao shan/lawyer, will once more make reasonable suggestions and try not to get killed.

Sunday day is "The Illusion of Time" by Ian G; set far in the future of Amber, and who knows what it will be about? Pariil is a synaesthetic Logrus master of dark skin and jordan-almond-colored dreads.

Monday afternoon I fly out.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you guys.
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