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Guys listen.

I have the best ide )
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V. pleased. Have had some interesting emails with co-GMs so far, and looking forward to more enjoyable chatter. Giving my GMs a chance to email before leaping on them from my lair of iniquity, though that might just be that I'm busy yesternight and tonight. Drew has sent mail already, so I need to think up a character in magical monarchical 1947. Whole world at my fingertips!

So looking forward to seeing what is up in Aurellis. About time someone deposed Graeme. The spelling of his name alone. Someday I will figure out how to join up with the online version of the game. Should I do that in these next few weeks?

For so many years I would rewatch "Tombstone" in this month to get in the swing of playing Doc Holliday in Jeremy Z's games... Perhaps I could rewatch it in preparation for _Enoch is Burning_?


Slot 1: Thursday, November 3, 2011 - 7pm to midnight

Enoch Is Burning -- (GMs) Madeline F, Mike S


Slot 2: Friday, November 4, 2011 - 9am to 1pm

Aurellis - The First One -- (GMs) Tim H


Slot 3: Friday, November 4, 2011 - 2pm to 6:30pm

Game of Spies: Tibet '57 -- (GMs) Madeline F


Slot 4: Friday, November 4, 2011 - 8pm to midnight

OMENOUS -- (GMs) Drew W


Slot 5: Saturday, November 5, 2011 - 9am to 4:30pm

Homecoming -- (GMs) Jen Z


Slot 6: Saturday, November 5, 2011 - 7pm to midnight

Sons of Ambarchy -- (GMs) Ogre W


Slot 7: Sunday, November 6, 2011 - 10am to 4:30pm

The Low Road -- (GMs) Simone C, Nathan B, Madeline F, Mike S
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Pretty well. Awww, who am I kidding, it was great! Like usual.

Anyway, this is how it went down. Covers through slot 1. )
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Soon I will be leaving for Ambercon Northwest for a week! People who might think about coming next year: the Summer Solstice 2011 is the time you need to decide.

Here is my schedule so far: )
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I never got around to posting up what games I'll be in, and now as I consider figuring out what clothes to bring, seems like a decent time... Oh, and right now I'm going to pause to put my swimsuit in my bag, and I advise you do the same.

There. Hot tub tragedy avoided. )

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you guys.
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Bah! I've been meaning to write up a "what other game* should I run at ACNW" post for more than a month, now. So get your answers in soon!

The options )

(*"Other game"? Why, yes! Mike S, John 9, and I are going to be taking another stab at "Guns of Abalaa", so keep your slot 1 free!)
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O my Bay Area peeps, I draw your attention to Southwest's program "Ding!" which today is offering a wide range of tickets from Oakland to Portland at the time of Ambercon Northwest for $93.50 each way, which is a savings of $60 total from what you could get otherwise. You don't get that price option unless you click through from the Ding program, and the time limit to buy tickets is 6 PM tonight. If you'd prefer to fly out of SFO or SJC, I'd still recommend getting Ding for the next few weeks, as this is the time when the ACNW ticket options may come.

O my Portland peeps, lured by the thought of seeing you (and testdriving Dutch bicycles) I will be in your fair city from the morning of Saturday the 13th of September to the evening of Monday the 15th of September... Anyone have crash space? ;) While I am happy to entertain myself and find my own lodgings and shuttle myself about on your inestimable TriMet, it would be even more entertaining if any of you have time to hang out.
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I suppose it's about the time that I let you all know that Ambercon Northwest is something that you should certainly attend. It's in my mind lately because apparently the "Deposits Due" deadline is Monday, which deadline I can safely attest is a delightful fiction you can ignore with impunity, but nevertheless it is for all that a deadline which moves me to post, and how, my friends, could that possibly be a bad thing.

Which is to say, you don't have to freak out if you can't decide in the next few days, because there's still plenty of time, but you should certainly begin the process of deciding to come. It's in Portland, Oregon, in November, from Thursday the 6th to Sunday the 9th.

Why should you come? It's like finding your people, if your people are imaginative clever interesting readers of text and players of games. There's about a hundred attendees, reasonably balanced between men and women, and they're all in festival mode of friendliness. The average level of game is "entertaining", and there are at least a handful a year that rise to heaven and walk with the gods. I can only think of a few stinkers I've been in, over ten years of attendance. You're far more likely to have fun than at a typical gaming convention.

Also, good organization, good location, and good price )
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Well, that's the way of the world: posting what games I'm in for ACNW. Ubergood haul. Lessee....

Read more... )
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I just bought a crap-ton of liquor. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to get some unsweetened apple juice concentrate, since I sent my insomniac housemate an email around 2 Saturday morning suggesting I'd make her a pie, and then I remembered that she doesn't do sugar because of the insomnia, and then [ profile] badgerbag gave me a bunch of apples she'd picked, and then I found a good-looking no-sugar apple pie recipe, since I really need to get rid of a bunch of flour since with the kitchen re-org a few months back I recognized that we have about 5 variously-full bags of flour and then Marisa moved and gave me another, so pie crust and such have been things I've been considering baking for awhile, since I've never had much luck with bread and besides, it's cold now, and so the damn stuff wouldn't rise, so anyway, I needed no-sugar-added apple juice concentrate and I stopped at the store.

Got some sharp cheddar cheese, too.

The store reminded me of my frustrated search for Tia Maria there a day or two before, when I went to collect some brandy and triple sec. See, I picked up some pretty Halloween martini glasses on a whim Thursday, and with them martini makings. Martinis and Spanish Coffee and sake are about my favorite drinks, and having the makings for the first and the lack of desire to heat/bother with the last, I had only to collect everything necessary for the Spanish Coffee... Read more... )
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Bwa-ha. Got the Sparklypoo quiz out, now I just have to get a digest of the DRYH rules written... I love Elders games with pregens. Anyway! My gaming schedule looks completely awesome... I was sooo happy when "Public Relations" moved to Slot 1 so there wasn't such a horrible decision in Slot 5. PR, man, I love games where you're schmucks cleaning up after the elders, and my characters all do PR anyway... And of course, Evil Hat... And and and. Well. Yay!

The list, with links to game descriptions and LJs instead of names )


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