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Soon I will be leaving for Ambercon Northwest for a week! People who might think about coming next year: the Summer Solstice 2011 is the time you need to decide.

Here is my schedule so far:

10:30 PM Tuesday: arrive PDX. Probably take TriMet to the Edgefield. Have single queen room in Main Lodge: hope it has sink. Schmooze front desk for sink. Check times for 77 bus... Dammit, it doesn't run that late. Develop other mode of travel.

Wednesday: free in the day. Find BevMo or Portland equivalent? Check bag so I could bring my own booze? I think maybe check bag. I have two bottles of absinthe and they ain't drinking themselves. Dinner, I am signed up to do the pre-con dinner... I expect I will lurk in the lobby and schmooze a ride.

Thursday: Wedding/Anniversary celebration noonish, I believe. How to get dinner? Always an issue with reception taking up 5-game timeslot. Resolve issue this year! Somehow.

Slot 1: Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 7pm to midnight, When the Bough Breaks, by Ben B; in which I will be playing a gentle/coldviolent Chaos-stolen daughter of Benedict

Friday: will not be at breakfast since I like to get some solid drinking in before running (haha I jest but srsly Absinthe)

Slot 2: Friday, November 5, 2010 - 9am to 1pm, Remind Me Of The Man, by Madeline F; in which I have an awesome player list who have created well-done characters

Slot 3: Friday, November 5, 2010 - 2pm to 6:30pm, The Trafalgar Experiment, by Julian M and Yi-Mei C; I have been inching subtly towards this game since Jules first started talking about it on his LJ this summer, and so far, I think I have a chance of taking it unawares (mum's the word)

Slot 4: Friday, November 5, 2010 - 8pm to midnight, Crimson Dawn III, by Murray W; I have been stalking this game since last year. In, as Murray realized, a very Zen way. Also, I hear the Amberese are writing haikus to each other. Well I suppose we bandits from Chaos will have to engage in ...and I was going to suggest Noh, and then looked it up on Wikipedia:
By tradition, Noh actors and musicians only rehearse together once, a few days before the actual performance. Instead, each actor, musician, and chorus member practises his or her fundamental movements, songs, and dances independently, under the tutelage of a senior member of the school. Thus, the mood of a given performance is not set by any single performer but established by the interactions of all the performers together. In this way, Noh could be seen as exemplifying the medieval Japanese aesthetics of transience, called by Sen no Rikyu "ichi-go ichi-e", "one chance, one meeting".
See? See? That is why that game is so great. It beautifully tweaks the meaning of things that exist already.

Post-game... Drinking? I don't know, I often seem to find that I am awake and willing to party after other people have vanished into their rooms, or the bars have closed.

Saturday: I could show up for breakfast, depending on when I wake up. The thing is, I will likely bring bagels/toaster/instant coffee/hot pot, as in past years, and that breakfast suits me a lot better than the "block of sugar and carbs or maybe protein" that is excellently presented at the Black Rabbit... The stomach is daunted in the morning.

Slot 5: Saturday, November 6, 2010 - 9am to 4:30pm, Tenfold Millennia: Janissaries, by Simone C; in which I play the Duros With No Name or perhaps just no memory. Star Wars! Killing Jedi!

Slot 6: Saturday, November 6, 2010 - 7pm to midnight, Ways of Chaos: the Bridge, by Mike S, and Eric T and Madeline F; in which a lot of prep will come together in a crest of awesome

And then almost certainly drinking, good lord willing and the Creek don't rise

Sunday: breakfast a good possibility, what with the extra time in the morning. Does daylight savings destroy that? Re-centering the light around the nonsense arbitrary point of "noon" in a world set up to happen in the evenings... Let's see, I think we do lose an hour, in addition to losing the light in the times when it would be actually useful to have light, as opposed to the times when you're just trying to sleep, or eating breakfast. Still, probably breakfast.

Slot 7: Sunday, November 7, 2010 - 10am to 4:30pm, The Low Road, by Simone C, and Mike S, and Anneke F, and Nate B; in which I play a restless Holmes/Stringer Bell/Irina Spalko cross itching to blow this popsicle stand

Then the afterparty/dinner, then floating around in the pool, then long talks in the Distillery no doubt

Monday: oozing forth to have breakfast/lunch and chat with people, probably leaving for airport around 12-1.
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