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I'll be up in Portland next weekend for Irene and Edwin's wedding. I have not yet figured out where I'll be staying (may fall back on the Edgefield hostel just from familiarity) so if you have desire for a roommate or know someone who might, sing out!

I decided to take the train up, since this is about the only chance I'll get to try a mode of travel where it doesn't matter if I'm 12-18 hours late. And I'm curious. It can't possibly be worse than the bus, but how much better will it be? On the face of it, it's super convenient: I can leave my car right next to where I work, walk across the street, catch the train from the snazzy Emeryville station Wednesday at 10 PM, and ostensibly take that very train (with the lovely name Coastal Starlight) through pretty territory all the way to Portland arriving 3 PMish Thursday. We Shall See.

And then flying back Monday on Southwest which will be fine as usual. Dear PDX: I really appreciate the free wireless in your airport, and the excellent transit access to aforementioned airport.
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