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I've been meaning to write about the books and movies I've come across lately, some for their own sakes, some because it seems fair to toss a bit more info out there into the world. Inspired just now by having just watched "Fast Five", and mentally comparing it to "X-Men: First Class". Upshot: Fast Five was a good movie, while X-Men: First Class was just an alright movie. (Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] ebonlock.)

Some race stuff, Fast Five )

Hold on a second, this gets really spoilery about X-Men, and it wasn't that bad a movie, so here's a chance to skip the spoilers )

So right, on to books: a couple civil war fiction books, Harry Connolly, Sherwood Smith )
Also, a really good movie )
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Verdict: A bad movie, not much worth seeing.

Longer: It reminded me of "The Da Vinci Code" and that ain't good. Not plotwise, at all, but they both have the same mickeymouse modern movie style. Most evident in: 1. blendered action scenes, ostensibly to make them seem more interesting and startling, but in fact demonstrating pure laziness and the lack of enough intelligence on the director's part to think up long cuts in which the viewer could follow the action and see that it was exciting inandof itself. 2. characters motivated solely by getting to the next setpiece. 3. Too goddamn long.

The bad, the medium, and the good; no major spoilers. )

Eh. Every time I was getting interested again, the movie would do something so stupid I slumped back again. Basically? Competent characters? Cool. Drama from competent characters making ridiculous moves to create drama? Whatever.


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