Apr. 22nd, 2010

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Head cold today. I broke down and gave DayQuil another shot and it doesn't enormously suck, but man. Well... It might not be a fair shot, since this is the same DayQuil that I tried more than 7 years ago (and decided at the time, "meh"). See, I checked the expiration date, which is in 2003. And then I thought about it for a bit, and decided that having real Pseudoephrine was better than having whatever damn decongestant the War on Drugs has foisted on us the last few years... And so far, no ill effects, so whee!

BTW: Better Living Through Chemistry: what over the counter drugs work for you? I had picked up from my family a protestant "walk it off" attitude of righteous self denial, and all I ever took up until college was Advil (Tylenol didn't do crap for me, aspirin wasn't as good as Advil). Then at some point with a head cold I tried NyQuil, thanks to Denis Leary, and it was a revelation: it sucked the snot out of my nose! I could breathe! And sleep!

Of course, that was before it got nerfed by the DEA. Anyway.

So what else have I been missing all these years? What seemingly obvious drugs really help you out?

Feel free to comment anonymously if you like. Like, gas... Is it something I experience? Who knows? When I discuss medical stuff with people, the metaphors I've come up with in my head to describe what I'm feeling make other people look at me funny. Like, for a long time I tried to describe "eyeaches", where it felt like someone had fit a platic knife through my eye socket into my brain, and was leaning on my eye a bit... Plastic, specifically, because there wasn't the bright conductivity a metal knife would bring. And then eventually I learned to just say "migrane". So when it feels like the connective tissue in my intestines are twisted around wrong, is that cramps? Gas? Who the hell knows? What I'm saying is that even fixes for potentially embarassing medical stuff would be useful to know about.

And, er, I originally stated this post to mention that I will be joining with Anneke to have a garage sale at her place in Albany this Saturday, 9-2. In case you want to come by? Or maybe join in and sell your own stuff?
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